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We stand here on the basis of ten years of activity in the international financial markets.

Since 2009, when we started, until today, we have been aiming to make communication with the financial markets of the world smoother.

International companies such as PayPal and Perfect Money have moved in this direction, and today, when financial transactions with cryptocurrencies are easier than ever, iranicard online exchange has also become more powerful. Simplifying the ways of exchange and providing easy access for everyone is our goal these days.

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We are determined to cash your foreign currency income.

Compatriots who are talented and interested in foreign exchange earnings have achieved this goal in different ways. As a facilitator of the income process of freelancers and activists in this field, iranicard has been trying to take a small step in this direction. From opening international accounts for freelancers and business owners to offering international payment services, it all aims to continue the path that digital space activists have started. We are with you all the way.

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We are proud to have answered the trust of our customers.

With the support of more than 700 thousand users in iranicard and more than 200 businesses, we are moving stronger than ever. During these years, the first priority of iranicard has been to provide services to users. We have heard your words and made a bridge from your comments to improve the service. We appreciate your support and learn from your feedback. Today, iranicard is proud to respond to more than 700,000 users a day with its professional and round-the-clock support team.

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