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How to send money to Iran

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Most people across the borders of Islamic Republic of Iran think that there is no way to send money to Iran. Well, that is not quite true. In spite of all boundaries and restrictions against transferring money to Iran, there are still some ways to try. considering the sender’s country, the currency they’re trying to send and exchange and the preferred payment method, money transfer to Iran may take hours to working days. Given below is a list of the best ways to send money to Iran.

Can I send money to Iran?

due to sanctions in this country, you can’t use usual transfer methods to send money to Iran. However, it’s not impossible to send money to Iran. You can use some help from companies in Iran which offer exchange and global payment services.

If you are a visitor in Iran and need to receive money, or trying to pay for something you have purchased from Iran, etc. you’ll soon find out that there is no direct way to pay in Iranian Rial through your bank account. So as mentioned above you can contact Iranicard to receive plenty kinds of money exchange.

Iranicard is a global provider of payment and exchange services. Our intention is to ease international payments and money transfer with Iran. Either it’s transferred from Iran or sent to Iran, you can contact us. Iranicard is determined to present people across the world, the experience of a reliable financial interaction with Iran.

how to send money to iran

How to send money to Iran?

There are different ways of transferring money to Iran, represented by Iranicard which you can choose from:


SWIFT transfer to an Iranian bank account is impossible. Because no banks in Iran has IBAN code as well as BIC/SWIFT codes. However, Iranicard can receive your SWIFT transfer, exchange it to Rial and transmit the deposit to the receiving persona in Iran. It is worth mentioning that the bank account you are sending money to, is valid and legal.

  • Western Union

Western Union moves money internationally and in various currencies every day. Unfortunately, there is no Western Union agent in Iran. In order to send money to Iran via Western Union, you can use Iranicard’s recipient information. As soon as our agent receives the money, receiving end in Iran can get the Rial equivalent of the deposit.

  • MoneyGram

Moneygram performs as fast and agile as Western Union. In case you have not access to a Western Union location, you can try moneygram as another way to send money to your loved ones in Iran within a few hours.

  • Paypal

As a result of sanctions against Iran, Paypal does not allow users with Iranian IP to register or log in. So if you have a family member in Iran you want to send money to via Paypal, you can use Iranicard as an Intermediary to receive and exchange money.

send money to iran

What currency does Iran use

Iranian official currency is Iranian Rial. But people usually use the term Toman which equals 10 Rials. Unless a price is mentioned to be in Rials, if you tried to pay for something which was tagged for 100, it usually means 100.000 Toman and not 100 Rials.

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