Send money to Iran

?How can I transfer money to Iran

.Transferring money to Iran has become possible

.If you’re trying to send money to Iran, Iranicard can help you. Receiving and exchanging almost every currency in Iran within hours. Just fill an application form, and you’ll receive a call in 1 minute up to 3 hour

Send money to Iran

:You can send money to Iran


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Safest methods of sending money to Iran

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Transfer money to iran


  • ?What is the best way to transfer money to Iran

.Depending on your conditions, it varies. Choose the best way to transfer money to Iran by Iranicard’s help

  • ?What is the fastest way to send money to Iran

.Western Union is one of the most promising and fastest ways of Iran money transfer

  • ?How long does it take to send money to Iran

.Depending on the method you’re choosing, it may take from hours to days

  • ?Does Iran have Western Union

No, but Iranicard can receive Western Union’s Remittances and pay equivalent Rial in Iran to whom you are trying to .send money to

  • ?If my transaction fails, how can I get my money back

.If by any cause your transaction to Iranicard fails, you will receive your money within three to eight working days

  • ?How does the receiver, get the money in Iran

.You can receive the money either by an Iranian debit card, or in cash from one of Iranicard’s offices

  • ?What currencies Iranicard accepts

.Every kind of currency which is transferred by mentioned methods

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